Install 9542 Media Tray

Install 9542 Media Tray

This knowledge base article shows you how to install a 9542 Media tray, used when loading clear film or reflective sheets for printing. The tray will hold and help feed your plate media into the front multipurpose tray when printing number plates. And being longer than standard paper trays, it helps support longer components such as oblong sheets.

Instructions that follow assume you are directly facing the front of the machine.

Attach the Media Tray Cage

The 9542 Media Tray uses two mounting points

Fit your media tray onto the 2 side slots

To install the 9541 media tray, you will need to insert it into two notches found just above the multi-purpose tray – A+B. The media tray comes with two hooked arms at the top on either side of the cage. And it’s these arms you need to insert onto the notches.

Here's how to Install 9542 Media tray

The media tray supports long and heavy components

You will find notch point B is more visible and easier to see with the top toner cover lifted up. To install the tray simply push the arms in and then down onto the notches, securing it onto place.

The media tray works exactly the same as a native paper tray, gravity helps to slide your components down towards the rollers which pull them into the printer. But at the moment there’s a gap between the printer and your tray. Which you bridge by opening the printers supporter trays.

Open the Supporter Trays

The 9542 Multipurpose tray comes with a fold out Supporter tray

Bridge the gap between printer and tray with the supporters

The multipurpose tray has a auxiliary supporter (A) and a paper supporter (B) to hold media for printing. So you can open both these up fully to bridge the gap between the printer and the new media tray.

Load Your Components

Load Your 9542 with Film Sheets like this

Guides are used to hold media steady

Now the media tray is installed, you’re ready to load plate components onto it. To use, simply place your plate media onto the tray and butt them right up to the printer. But ensure you place it with the side you wish to print on facing upwards. If you have badged media, orientate it with the flags situated furthest away from the printer. And use the sliding guides to help secure your media into place, so they print square and true.

Need Help?

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