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For Part 3 of our 6 Part Series on Compliance, we provide a simple reference to MOT Number Plate Failure Points.

We’re publishing a series of posts, in order to help guide you through the minefield which is number plate legality and compliance. And for the third article, we offer a quick reference guide to the reasons your customer’s number plate might fail an MOT.

The image above shows the common reasons number plates fail a MOT test. Reasons include dirty, loosely fitted and delaminated number plates. Plates with faded digits or using incorrect fonts and spacing, will also receive a  fail.

If you’d like this MOT Number Plate Failure Points image as a printed poster, to display in your office or behind your sales counter. Just contact our Customer Service and we’ll send you one for free!

Like we said before – You Can Trust Tennants.

Note: With the introduction of BSAU145e the regulations have been updated. To find out how this effects your supply, take a look at our What Makes A Legal Number Plate article. Or try our post on MOT changes regarding plates.