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For Part 1 of our 6 Part Series on compliance, we show you What Makes a Legal Number Plate.

To educate our visitors and customers, we’re publishing a series of informative posts. In order to help guide you all through the minefield which is Number Plate Legality and Compliance. So we thought we’d start with an easy one and just outline what is a legal number plate.

First the simple infographic above shows all the elements that make up a number plate. In brief, the rules govern not only what is on a plate but their size and position as well. As a result each one conforms to a set standard, making them easy to read by human and camera.

Take a look and see how many of the points you already know. You can even make a game of it, it’s good, clean fun for all the family! For more details legislation, why don’t you check out our knowledge base or visit the BNMA website.

Like we said – You Can Trust Tennants.

Note: With the introduction of BSAU145e the regulations have been updated. To find out how this effects your supply, take a look at our What Makes A Legal Number Plate article.