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Number Plate Printing Solutions

Our number plate printing solutions can be tailored to suit your business and the entire automotive industry.

Choose a Number Plate Printing Solution for Your Business

Whether you are a dealership or service centre, aftermarket motor factor or specialist manufacturer we’re here to help. Just take a look at the printing systems below, pick one that best meets your needs and get in touch. But remember, our Made-Up Plates service is a much more cost-effective alternative for low volume suppliers.

To help you decide, try our handy NP Systems Guide (PDF).

Self-Assembly Number Plate Production

Flexible and standards compliant.

We provide flexible answers to number plate printing, regardless of how big your organisation is. They can meet any requirements you have, yet still provide an impressive return on investment.

In fact, we provide everything you need to produce number plates, including software, printers and blank components. Our design software, specifically enforces legal restrictions and records activity for oversight. While our printers and components combine to make plates to BSAU145e & MOT standards. And we support you with installation, training, Knowledge Base articles & service level agreements.

All our printing systems are so easy to maintain and simple to use most people can be trained within an hour. So Get in Touch now and find out how we can help you to supply number plates and save.

Dealerships & Service Centres

Streamlined technology helps our Core solutions print oblong number plates – fast. While the software delivers standards compliance and oversight. In essence this simple, lean operation quickly dispenses legal plates, while keeping your running costs down.

Aftermarket & Motor Factors

Modern hardware is the key to our Trade Solutions elevated ability. As a result, you’ll be able make every type of number plate on demand. Yet still pick between low cost, basic colour or high-end reliability.

This capacity makes them a superb fit for those in the retail or auto parts industry. Because they enable you to fulfil any number plate sales opportunity that comes through your door.

Specialist Manufacturers

Our Professional solutions create designer number plates of any size and shape. Not to mention a colour capability that’s perfect for your showroom plates and displays.

As a result they’re ideal for the supplier looking to impress. Or the online retailer after rapid order production and despatch.

Number Plates You Design, Print & Assemble

Matched Components

To produce a legal number plate, you have to design, print and put it together. And if you follow our specification, your plates will comply with British Standards. But only if you match specific components together, using one certified supplier for your equipment and media.

Every Size or Shape

We produce and cut our plate media in-house from market leading materials. In fact, it’s this capability which allows us to offer components in every size and shape. And it’s not just media, we also produce 3D Digits and print Showroom Plates. Thus enabling you to supply plates for both the road & forecourt.

For our reflective sheets & ABS plates we use Oralite, one of just 3 Brands proven to be compliant. While our clear film helps prints bond to it, thanks to a special coating by Folex. Yet they work perfectly with our acrylic faces from Toennjes, a world leader in number plate components. And our printers are just as reliable, whether you produce film or reflective number plates.

Supply and Ordering

Once your system is installed and working, you simply order blank components as needed. For low-volume customers, our NP-Shop is ideal for buying small packs of components 24/7. Alongside reduced prices, it offers pre-set bundles to help you with compliance.

Our larger clients can choose to re-stock at pre-agreed intervals or on-demand. And you can choose a central delivery location or specify numbers for each branch. Of course, as a higher-volume customer your rates will be more competitive and provide large savings.

Number Plate Printing Solutions Tailored for the Motor Industry

Try number plate printing solutions that comply with current British Standards. Which include modern printers, software and components priced so you save. Contact us now and we’ll help you find the perfect answer for your business.




For more details on our printing solutions view our plates webpages. Otherwise call us on 0115 9738084 or email Or fill in the quick form above with your enquiry details.

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