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Number Plate Printing

Tennants Number Plate Printing Systems produce Enviro-Plate

Number Plate Printing Systems for Workshops, Service-Centres & Part-Stores

Our number plate printing systems are customisable to meet your specific supply demands. Making them suitable for any pre-sales team, service centre, parts store or workshop. Perfect for vehicle dealerships, aftermarket motor factors and online manufacturers. Find a solution below to match your volume or sector requirements. For low-volume customers, our Made-Up-Plates Service will be more cost-effective than a system.

Take a detailed look at our on-site solutions using the box links below. Or read on and uncover their general benefits and features.

Number Plate Printing Systems - Matrix
Our Core Number Plate Systems

Core Systems

For: Dealers & Service-Centres

Fast & lean oblong number plate production with compliance built-in.

Our Trade Number Plate Systems

Trade Systems

For: Motor Factors & Part-Stores

Print any number plate on-demand with agile and market-driven systems.

See Our Pro Number Plate Systems

Pro Systems

For: Specialist Manufacturers

Create full colour number plates or signs, even on yellow reflective.

BSAU 145e

Secure, British Standards Compliant Production


Combines Enforced Compliance with Low Costs.


Fast & Lean or Agile & Market Driven Systems.


Compliant Plates-Builder and RNPS-Log Records.


Professional Installation and Staff Training.


Remote or On-Site Support via Service Agreements.

Compliant & Flexible Production

We provide flexible solutions for number plate fabrication that meet all corporate requirements. Suitable for groups and companies of any size, they deliver impressive returns on investment. Built-in standards compliance and activity records provide assurance & enable oversight of your entire production.

Tennants number plate printing systems offer a range of setups to match your requirements. Choose between creating low-cost, oblong number plates quickly and easily or opt for a system that produces any size or shape. Bundled software enforces compliance and combines with our components to make number plates certified to BSAU 145e standards. Installation & training are included, with service-level agreements covering ongoing support & supply. Our online Knowledge Base also has countless guides and articles as reminders or for problem-solving simple issues.


Pick Fast & Lean or Agile & Market Driven Systems

Pick Number Plate System Based on Capability


Standards Compliant Plates Builder & RNPS Log

Meet British Standards and Regulations


Select Contracted Restock or Order On-Demand

Order Components On-Demand or Contracted


Sync to Cloud for Total Production Oversight

Sync Your Records Online for Oversight

Enviro-Plate & Recycling Services

Tennants Enviro-Plate is the most business-friendly number plate in the automotive industry. One benefit is that it’s eco-friendly, both recyclable and made using 90% recycled ABS. This results in cutting its carbon footprint by 83% to just 0.5 CO2e per kg and stops number plates ending up in landfill. Another benefit is its efficiency, because by using printed film Enviro-Plate reduces annual number plate expenditure significantly.

We are proud to be the first manufacturer to offer a number plate Recycling Service. After all, everyone wants to be more sustainable, and this service will reduce your environmental impact. If your team is eligible, we will provide a stillage bin for your waste number plates. Once the bin is full, it is collected and plates recycled. The recycling process includes cleaning and sorting the waste into material types. The material is ground down, smelted, or chemically separated, to facilitate its reuse. Recycling is far more eco-friendly than extracting virgin resources, it also generates fewer emissions.

Choose A Market Driven Approach to On-Site Number Plate Printing

Switch to Tennants number plate printing solutions for your business and regulatory needs. Our services provide guarantees on production, supply, and cost savings. Online oversight is available for every system, branch and location via LG Central.




For more information on our printing systems & services, check out our number plate webpages. Otherwise call us on 01159738084 or email Alternately fill in our quick Contact-Form with your name & enquiry details.