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Professional Number Plate Printing

Make designer number plates & custom signs with our Professional Number Plate Printing Solution.

Go PRO & Produce Full-Colour Number Plates of Any Size or Shape On-Demand

Several specialist manufacturers & online suppliers utilise our Pro Number Plate Solutions. And benefit from its ability to produce full-colour number plates & signs on demand. Since their A3 printer underprints in white, it delivers vibrant colours even on reflective media. Increasing production output and reducing their component costs. In essence, by going Pro, you can print whatever you want, whenever you want it.

Our Pro Series answers those calls, delivering a solution that performs even on yellow reflective. Thanks to modern printing technology, it’s small enough to put in your workshop. Yet has enough capacity to produce every number plate size and shape on the road. Not to mention a colour reproduction that allows you to show the industry what you can do. And its will still meet British Standards.

PRO Series – Any Colour

The Pro Series is a real game changer, producing number plates in 5 Colours. To say nothing of offering you a choice between printing onto Clear Film or Reflective. By under-printing in white first, every colour you use is solid & more vibrant. And its agile media handling, enables you to make every size or shape on demand.

  • Prints All Sizes IconPrints All Shapes & Sizes
  • Colour Capable - IconA3 OKI Pro Printer (CMYK+White)
  • Sheet Fed - IconSheet Fed via Side Tray
  • Cost per Print - Icon10p per Print / 4k+ Plates per Toner Set
  • Time per Print - IconPrint Speed: 10 secs Film / 20 secs Reflective
  • Production Volume - IconFor: High Volume / Definition
  • Option - IconChoice Between Film or Reflective Printing
  • Software Required - IconRequires: Windows OS & LG Plates/Signs
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Show Plates & Signs

As a result of its features, our Pro Series is perfect for your designer & show-plate production. Or even merchandising items like brochures and posters for Car Clubs or POS displays.

It is easily capable of reproducing any colour you design, even on coloured reflective. And you can print it all in-house. Perfect for the online retailer chasing a rapid manufacture and despatch.

A Printed Showroom Plate made by our Pro Series

Print Whatever You Want, Whenever You Need It

Matched Components

To produce a road-legal number plate, you must join specific matched components together. Only by following our strict specification, will it comply with British Standard BSAU145e. Which means using just one supplier for both your printing equipment and media.

Film Number Plates
For Film Number Plates you reverse print onto our clear film, which are coated with a bonding agent. And then you laminate it on top an EnviroPlate backing that’s reflective to meet regulations.

3-Part Number Plates
Of course you can also make 3-Part Number Plates by printing onto clear film. This means laminating your printed film between an acrylic face and wet reflective backing. As a result your plates are suitable for True 3D Digits.

Reflective Number Plates
Whereas Reflective Number Plates mean you directly onto our white or yellow reflective. And then laminate a 3mm acrylic face on top, to protect it. In fact, this simple 2-Part specification is the industry standard.

Making Signs

As a result of its features, our Pro Series is perfect for your in-house marketing and promotional work. Since it is compatible, you can utilise our plate components. After all, it provides an element of durability and weather resistance. Or you can use an array of standard paper and poster materials.

Support & Supply

Just as important as capability, is the support we provide with our Professional Number Plate Printing Solutions. Such as, service agreements that cover technical issues and re-supply. So you can worry less about downtime and printer consumable prices. And purchase agreements which help you manage any capital expenditure, allowing you to concentrate on production.

Reproduce Any Plate Design for Rapid Manufacture & Despatch

If you’re an online retailer offering custom number plates, consider our Pro Number Plate Solutions. Not only will you be able to produce hundreds of different legal sizes. But you’ll also get to replicate any colour as you designed and intended.

Not sure this solution is for you? Try our handy NP Systems Guide (PDF).




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