Professional Number Plate Printing Solution

With our Full Support

Professional Number Plate Printing for Specialists

Printed colour number plates
Designed for serious manufacturers and suppliers.

We support high volume manufacturers with our professional number plate printing solution, which is in use by some of the largest car part suppliers in the country.

Tailored to your needs, it comes with installation and operator training. Restocking orders receive a rapid response and you get the backing of our dedicated account managers.

We provide a reliable system with competitive prices on blank media and offer huge incentives for bulk component buying. This solution is for those clients who want to evolve their production, reduce costs and most importantly, improve their market share.

Pro Series

The only true, full colour number plate printing solution on the market.

Our Pro Series solution is fronted by a graphic arts printer with a capability that opens the door to the whole CMYK+W spectrum. Under printing white allows the creation of designs with coloured elements, even when making standard plates by printing onto reflective sheets.

Impress and grow your customer base by providing road legal coloured registration plates to the entire marketplace.

Proficient in Every Way

A streamlined production process and endless possibilities allows suppliers to provide several thousands of vehicle plates and showroom signs per annum. This solution’s package is for the serious number plate manufacturer, wanting to show the industry what they’re capable of.

Pro series number plate printer
Professional number plates and signs

Discover our Professional Number Plate Printing Solution

The Pro Series can be admired in operation at our head office. Request a demo and come meet our team.




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