Make Every Type of Number Plate

Create any size or shape

Trade Number Plate Printing designed for the Aftermarket

Tailored to industry demand.

Many aftermarket traders and retailers use our Trade Number Plate Printing solution to leave their competitors stuck in the past. Working in a service based industry, they require systems that are flexible yet reliable. In essence they want to open up the marketplace, but still meet every sale that comes along.

That’s where we come in, or rather our Trade Series. Not only does it allow you to print custom number plates on demand. But it also permits you to be flexible about the type you make, either Standard or Hybrid plates. In essence both deliver low costs and durability. But Hybrid allows you to use colour logos and badges. Not to mention special fonts like carbon.

Equally important is our software, which helps users to stay compliant. While walking them through building road legal number plates or vehicle signs. Use it to keep your RNPS and print records, and monitor both your supply and staff via LG Central.

To summarise our Trade Solution can do it all. Every number plate size or shape with colour branding. Join us at Tennants and capitalise with cost effective choices that really perform.

The Trade Series

Our most popular and versatile solution.

Our Trade Series produces great, high definition number plates. After all it uses the best printing technology there is, LED from OKI. And thanks to its agile media handling it can make every type of number plate there is, including shaped. Because of this, it is a perfect answer to printing number plates.

Not only does it provide choices on plate components, but this is what unlocks colour options for your plates. Being able to print on either reflective or film, means you can tailor the setup to your business needs and budget.

The Trade number plate printing solution comes with everything you need to start up production. But it’s important to realise, to guarantee compliance you’ll have to use each part.

This means designing your plates in our software. Printing them with our printers, onto our components. Then finally joining the matched components together. But remember, using anything else means your plates just won’t be legal.

Size Does Matter

Go beyond standard and offer every single legal number plate size on the road. And don’t lose customers because of a limited range, rediscover your love for curves with shaped plates. Switch now and intelligently target customers with up-sell offers. Improving your sales opportunities and profit margins has never been easier.

Not Just Number Plates

With its ability to print colour, the Trade Series can help you take control of your internal marketing. Use it to produce Showroom Signs & Point of Sale items to make your business look the real deal. Utilise its full potential and create a huge range of restriction free signs for retail or commercial use.

Make Number Plates & Vehicle Signs

Are you after a number plate printing system that lets you do it all? Get in touch and switch to the perfect number plate printing solution for those in the auto trade.




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