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Trade Number Plate Printing Solutions

Meet every sale you receive with our Trade Number Plate Printing Solutions and offer every size & shape.

Maximise Your Sales & Make Every Number Plate Size & Shape

Many aftermarket retailers use our Trade Number Plate Printing Solutions to leave their competitors behind. Because they work in a busy service industry, they need systems that are flexible yet reliable. In essence they want to open up the marketplace, but still meet every sale that comes along.

Retail is the sector our Scope and Optima Series are designed for.  Thanks to their modern hardware, you’ll be able make every type of number plate. Not to mention, benefit from built-in standards compliance and record keeping from our software. As a result you get solutions that do it all, on demand production, agile media handling & legal assurance. Yet still offer you a choice between low cost, colour or reliability.

Scope Series – Colour

Take a step up with our Scope Series and produce colour number plates on-site. Which is possible because of its modern equipment and our clear film sheets. And this also enables you to make every plate size, thanks to its agile media handling. Not to mention print colour branding, custom number plates & bespoke signs.

  • Prints All Sizes IconPrints All Shapes & Sizes on Film
  • Colour Capable - IconA4 OKI C650 Colour Printer
  • Sheet Fed - IconSheet Fed Operation
  • Cost per Print - Icon15p per Print / 1.5k Plates per Toner Set
  • Time per Print - Icon10 Seconds per Print
  • Production Volume - IconFor: Medium / High Volume
  • Option - IconLow Cost Consumables
  • Software Required - IconRequires: Windows OS & LG Plates

Optima Series – Robust

For a more reliable number plate solution, consider our Optima Series. As it features a 8inch wide thermal printer, you gain all the benefit this brings. Which means a simple & robust operation, that’s ideal for cooler locations. And the ability to handle a wide range of sizes. Not to mention low maintenance costs.

  • Prints All Sizes IconPrints All Shapes & Sizes on Reflective
  • Thermal Printer - Icon8inch GoDex Thermal Printer
  • Sheet Fed - IconSheet Fed via Rear Tray
  • Cost per Print - Icon10p per Print / 575 Plates per Ribbon
  • Time per Print - Icon20 Seconds per Print
  • Production Volume - IconFor: Medium / High Volume
  • Option - IconPre-printed Media Options – Colour Branding/Flags
  • Software Required - IconRequires: Windows OS & LG Plates

Produce Custom Number Plates On Demand

Matched Components – Specification

To produce a road-legal number plate, you must join specific matched components together. Only by following our strict specification, will it comply with British Standard BSAU145e. Which means using just one supplier for both your printing equipment and media.

Film Plates – Scope Series
Our Scope Series is designed to make Film Number Plates. Here you reverse print onto a clear film sheet, which is coated with a bonding agent. And then laminate it on to a rigid ABS backing plate, that is reflective to meet regulations.

3-Part Plates – Scope Series
Of course printing onto film also allows you to make 3-Part Plates. Which means sandwiching your printed film between an acrylic face and reflective backing. This results in a superior, high-quality number plate that complies with standards.

Reflective Plates – Optima Series
Whereas our Optima Series prints Reflective Number Plates. Since it’s thermal, you print directly onto a dry reflective sheet. And then laminate a clear acrylic face on top, for protection & durability. In fact, this method is the industry standard.

Custom Plate Options

Because our Trade solutions have a greater capacity, you get more options. To start there’s the Scope’s colour ability, which means you can print flags & show-plates on demand. Alongside that you can match your bottom line to your branding, using colour and fonts.

In addition, each of these systems can make shaped number plates. That requires you trim an oversized sheet down to match a shaped backing or face. And because the Optima doesn’t print colour, we have a selection of pre-printed components.

Technical Support

Finally there’s our support services, which mix a cost-effective balance of remote and on-site support. Moreover each of our solutions comes with a user guide for the printer and software. And you can find digital versions for our SoftwareScope & Optima printers on our Knowledge Base.

Trade Solutions to Meet Any Number Plate Request On Site

For flexible systems that do it all, we recommend our Trade Number Plate Printing Solutions. After all, their agile media handling allows you to make every size. Making it the perfect answer for those in the retail or auto parts trade.

Not sure this solution is for you? Try our handy NP Systems Guide (PDF).


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