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Trade Number Plate Solutions

Satisfy your customers by providing any number plate size or style, on-demand.

Maximise Sales with a Trade Number Plate Solution & Offer Every Size & Shape

Our Trade Number Plate Solutions are in use by Motor Factor’s and Parts Stores nationwide. Servicing both garages and consumers requires systems that are flexible yet cost-effective. Helping you to fulfil every sales opportunity when it happens, there & then. Because retail customers may go elsewhere rather than place an order and return to collect. That is where our Trade Series shines, agile enough to supply Every Type of Number Plate on demand.

To help you find the right solution, we offer a choice between our Colour or Mono systems. Both are fully adept and permit up-sell options like Green EV Plates, Flags & 3D Digits. Include our software, which enforces British Standards, validates registrations and records all activity using active directory services. And they print onto film, which produces high-quality Enviro-Plate and reduces costs. To assist with assembly, a roller jig is also provided.

  • Makes: Any Plate Size or Shape
  • Colour: CMYK or Black Only
  • Printer: A4 Colour or Mono Printer
  • Feed: Single Sheets of Clear Film
  • Speed: 10 Seconds per Plate
  • Costs: From 15p per Print
  • Capacity: 400-1500 plates per Toner(s)

Agile and Market Driven

British Standards Compliant Number Plate Production


Print & Assemble Any Number Plate Size to Order.


Utilise Standards & DVLA Compliant Software.


Low Cost Components & Printer Consumables.


Offer 3D Digits, Small & Green EV Plates.


Record & Monitor Every Number Plate Made.

Secure & Market-Driven

Our Trade Number Plate Solutions meet the needs of the automotive retail sector. Being adept & agile, they help you to fulfil any order and avoid losing sales. Benefit from their automatic compliance and built-in record-keeping. As a result, you get market-driven on-site production & legal assurance. Together with up-sell options like 3D & GEL Digits, Short & HEX Plates and Legal Badges for patriots & overseas travel.

Of course, we understand the importance of legal compliance & security to your business. That’s why our software validates Registrations & insists you keep records. System security comes from user accounts & Windows active directory services. This forces log-ins and records all print activity for legal and monitoring purposes. If you sync your records to our online portal LG Central, you can filter reports by user & location.


Print Any Number Plate in About 10 Seconds

Prints All number Plate Sizes and Shapes


BSAU145e Builder & DVLA Compliant Records

British Standards Compliant Software


GEL, 3D Digits, Flags, Small & HEX Plates

Supplier Upsell Options


Access Print & Production Records Online

Tennants Central User Dashboard

Trade Colour or Mono

We offer two systems, the Trade Colour and Trade Mono. Both have the same media-handling capability and plate software for compliance & record-keeping. What is different is the capability & volume of number plates they make. Trade Colour uses a CMYK LED printer, producing colour and about 1500 plates per toner set. The Trade Mono is more affordable but only prints black and yields approximately 400 plates. Both make Enviro-Plate, our eco-friendly & cost-effective number plate.

Being highly regulated, the branding allowed on number plates is minimal. But you can utilise a single colour logo or full colour advertising lip. Colour systems can print these on demand. However, we recommend using Pre-printed Components since it is more cost-effective. Colour logos, lips, flags and green EV plates are all available & are compatible with both systems.

Specifications Printers, Software, etc.

Colour Printer

At the centre of our Trade Colour is a C650 Printer from OKI. This A4 LED Colour Printer can print any type of number plate. And uses high-yield CMYK Toners, good for approx. 1500 plates per set of consumables.

  • Makes: All Number Plate Shapes & Sizes.
  • Printer: OKI C650 A4 LED Colour Printer
  • Includes: Printer, Cables, Feed-Tray & Toners.
  • Consumables: CMYK Toners/Drums (1500 plates)
  • Speed: 10 Seconds per Print

Mono Printer

Alternately the Trade Mono utilises a B432 Printer, also from OKI. This A4 LED Mono Printer can also print any type of number plate. But uses just one high-capacity Black Toner, capable of approximately 350-400 number plates.

  • Makes: All Number Plate Shapes & Sizes.
  • Printer: OKI B432 A4 LED Mono Printer
  • Includes: Printer, Cables, Feed-Tray & Toner.
  • Consumables: Black (K) Toner/Drum (400 plates)
  • Speed: 10 Seconds per Print

Plates-Builder & Log

Our software includes a BSAU145e Compliant Plates Builder & a Records-Log. Security is delivered by MS Windows accounts & services. Which are combined with print data to provide production oversight.

  • Plates: BSAU145e Compliant Builder
  • Records: Log meets DVLA Requirements
  • Security: Users Accounts & Enforced Log-On
  • Oversight: Windows Active Directory Services & Print Data
  • Branding: Supports Corporate & Individual Templates

Standards Compliant

This system makes Film or Enviro-Plate number plates, specifications covered by our BSAU145e Certification. We supply our components with cost-effective prices, based on contracted or on-demand orders.

  • Film Spec: Printed Clear Film above W/Y EnviroPlate (ABS)
  • Benefit: Clear Film is more Cost-Effective than Reflective
  • Coverage: All Our Number Plate Media Sizes
  • Pre-Printed: Logo, Advertising Lip, Flags & Borders
  • Restocking: Contracted or On-Demand Ordering

Roller Jig

A Roller Jig is the ideal way to assemble your number plates. Not only does its pins help you align and join components together. But its twin rollers compress and bond it together perfectly, time after time.

  • Size: Approx. 500x300mm including Jig Bed
  • Features: Multiple Pins for Media Alignment
  • Rollers: Dual Soft Rubber Rolls with Winding Arm
  • Options: 3mm Gap or Fully Adjustable Roller
  • Alternative: Rollers & Arm Only or Powered Jig

Online Portal

LG Central is our online portal for syncing records for secure safe-keeping. Upload your number plate records to it and get instant oversight of your print production activity & supply.

  • Portal: A Secure, Cloud-Based Application
  • Order: Place Orders for Made Up Plates
  • Sync: Store Your RNPS Records & Print Data
  • Dashboard: Overview of Order & Production Status
  • Reports: Filter Records Data by Location & User

Meet Consumer Demand with Market Driven Number Plate Solutions

For adept & agile on-site solutions that do it all, we recommend our Trade Number Plate Solutions. After all, they enable you to make every size on-demand & remain compliant with standards, making them ideal for any Motor Factor or Aftermarket Part Store.




Get in touch for costings or details of our Trade Series & supply. Call us on 01159738084 or email Alternately fill in our quick Contact-Form with your name, contact & enquiry details.

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