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Like a Marvel blockbuster, Orafol flexes its muscles and just continues to get bigger and stronger. Not only do they have a presence in more countries and locations around the world than ever. But they have also increased the size of their main headquarters in Germany.

Oranienburg HQ now stands at a hulking 250,000 sq meters – Smash! Locations across Europe, the Americas, Middle East, Australia and Asia – Pow!

Customers in more than 100 countries – Zap! And over 1800 worldwide employees – Boom!

An Unhappy Captain America cat
Wonder Woman, well girl
A young Batman with cape unfurled
Superdog takes a quick breather

Engineered to save lives and vanquish bad guys across the world, if it’s reflective, it’s probably got Orafol’s name on it. Contact Tennants for more information on our range of Orafol reflective products.