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Oralite 5910 High-Intensity Prismatic Grade

Oralite 5910 High-Intensity Prismatic Grade film provides highly visible signs, and is UKCA certified to EN12899-1 at RA2. This prismatic film has a 10 year durability and a digital print version for UV printing.

5910 Spec Sheet

Oralite 5910 High-Intensity Prismatic Grade is designed for making permanent traffic signs. Including large scale advanced directional assemblies that require high performance over their lifetime. This is delivered by its prismatic reflectivity and 10-year outdoor service life. And a range of fully compatible inks, films & overlays that help maintain its CE & UKCA certification.

Available in rolls 1235mm wide, Oralite 5910 comes in 7 standard and 2 fluorescent colours that aren’t CE/UKCA Certified. In addition to Oralite 5910 High-Intensity, there is a special version formulated for digital printing 5910DP. The Orafol webpage for Oralite 5910 High-Intensity Prismatic Grade has more details, data sheets, certificates & application instructions.

Oralite 5910 Quick-Specs

Film: Oralite 5910 High-Intensity Prismatic Grade
Tech: RA2 Prismatic Film
Roll Width: 1235mm
Roll Length: 50 metre rolls
ST Colours: 0.320mm thick
FL Colours: 0.385mm thick
Variant: 5910DP Digital Print

Material Details

  • Reflective Class: RA2 – UKCA/CE Certified*
  • Standard: EN 12899-1 / NHSS
  • Acrylic Film with Polypropylene Liner
  • Technology: Prismatic
  • Durability: 10 year life
  • Colours: 7 Standard / 2 Fluorescent
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for Metallic Surfaces

Compatible Products

  • Digital Ink: 5019i (uv) / 5017 (eco)
  • Transparent Film Overlay: 5061
  • Anti-Graffiti Overlay: 5095
  • Anti-Dew Overlay: 5090
  • Screen Ink: 5018
  • Lettering Film: 5081

Certification* Only Standard Colours are CE Certified

Colours & Pattern

Colours & patterns shown below are for illustration purposes and may not match actual films. Click for slightly larger swatches.

Standard Colours
Fluorescent Colours
Watermarked - Icon

Oralite 5910 Downloads

The Orafol website has a selection of certificates, instructions & data sheets for Oralite 5910. Below you will find a set of external links going to some of those downloads. Please note, film brochures, a declaration of performance and links to compatible materials are also available.

UKCA Accreditation
CE Certification
Data Sheet
Application Instructions
Safety Sheet