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We Only Supply Matched Components for Making TennantsNumber Plates

To ensure our number plates comply with British Standards, we only supply matched components. Not only is this a policy of the British Number plate Manufacturers Association (BNMA), of which we a member. But it is a policy we are happy to pursue and promote to our customers.

This policy has been created to encourage compliant number plate production. Our British Standard certification includes constructions made with specific components. And this ensures plates made from our components will be road legal, subject to correct use.

But don’t worry our checks aren’t invasive, this simply encourages you to order matching amounts. In fact, it ensures we’re acting as responsible manufacturers. After all, we all want the more unscrupulous suppliers to be driven out of business.

RNPS Suppliers

Before setting up any customer account, we also require a valid RNPS ID number. This way, we can be sure we’re only selling to legitimate suppliers. And we collaborate regularly with the DVLA on matters of legislation. So that we keep up to date with regulations, and offer clients the best support.

So we’re doing our bit, by only selling matched components and restricting supply to legitimate suppliers. Alongside this we test and seek official certification for our number plates. Thus proving our compliance with standards and legislation.