We Only Supply Matched Components for Making Number Plates

To ensure we comply with the British Standard for number plates, we only supply matched components that conform to British Standards. This is the policy of the British Number plate Manufacturers Association (BNMA) of which we a member and a policy we are happy to pursue.

This means we perform checks to ensure our customers are buying enough matching types of plate components. Don’t worry, the checks simply ensure we’re acting as responsible suppliers to the industry. And this way, more of the number plates on our roads are legal and the more unscrupulous suppliers are driven out of business.

We also require an RNPS ID number from customers who purchase printing equipment and components from us. This way we can be sure we’re only selling to legitimate suppliers. ID numbers are provided by the DVLA after successfully applying to be a registered number plate supplier. We collaborate regularly with the DVLA on all matters of legislation, ensuring we keep up to date with regulations and follow best practices.

Along with providing quality components at competitive prices, we also test to ensure we pass current regulations and seek official certification for our number plates. This proven conformity should give our customers an assurance, that number plates made with Tennants UK components are standards compliant.