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The latest DVLA banned number plate registrations are revealed, just as the new ’24’ Plates are set to hit the road. With many combinations considered too rude or saucy for the streets.

DVLA Banned Number Plate Registrations

Twice annually, in March and September, the DVLA releases fresh combinations of letters and numbers, which include the new ‘age identifier’ number denoting a car’s age. These combinations are displayed on the number plates of newly registered vehicles. However, there exists a separate list of prohibited car number plates deemed too inappropriate for public display, ensuring they never become issued.

Certain number plates were barred due to their similarity to offensive slang or political sensitivities. For example, NO24 RUS, EU24 WAR, were prohibited, along with NO24 LEZ for those opposed to their local low emissions zone. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine also influenced the prohibition of certain number plates.

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