National Flags

UK National Flags map

Once Brexit is complete and we have left the European Union (or not), the Euro side badge may well have to disappear from new UK Number Plates.

To ensure the patriotic can continue to show their allegiance, we have produced a range of Number Plate National Flags to replace it. The new side flags are available as images, which come included with our Plates 2.4.7 software and upgrades. Other customers after them should get in touch and request an email delivery.

To utilise them yourself, simply select them as side badges like normal. When assembling plate components remember to use white badge panels when needed for colour correction.

Take a look at the image below to see a small preview of the new range of flags.

Need Help?

For more information on these National Flags, promotional media or our number plate software in general simply get in touch with our customer services team.