Order Made Up Plates - 24/7

Getting ready made plates from us is going to become much easier with the launch of LG Central, our online ordering platform. Once it’s live you’ll be able to order Made Up Plates at the touch of a button.

Our existing customers will soon be able to open an account with LG Central and order plates 24 hours a day without the need of contacting the sales office or even sending an email. Simply login, build your plate on screen and choose delivery options – it couldn’t be easier!

Templates that we use for your production will be generated straight from the platform, removing the capacity for human error. Furthermore, bulk ordering can now be done on a single screen, which allows each individual number plate to be assigned a different size and design.

As usual, Tennants show innovation in the UK Number Plate Market.

If you’re a new customer wanting to find out more, you can always Inquire about our Made Up Plates Service.