In the words of John Paul Young (1978 music trivia fans) there’s definitely something in the air, or the water, and it’s not just Covid-19! Whatever it is, there does seem to be an abundance of romance here at Tennants recently.

After celebrating the nuptials of both Matt and Emma in March and July respectively (not to each other, we must stress). The 2020 Love-in continues apace with the recent announcement of not one, but two engagements.

Our Number Plate Customer Services lynch-pin, Danielle, was moved to tears when her beau, James (also formerly a Tennants employee – blimey, they’re all at it!) offered to make as honest a woman out of her as can be expected under the circumstances. And our delivery driver Phil – the man with a SatNav for a brain – dropped gracefully to one knee on Saturday night in front of his intended Linda, and a handful of only slightly embarrassed, socially distancing guests.

Happily, both requests were met with a positive response, so we can expect even more collections in the next year or so. Great.

Anyway; Congratulations to Dan and James and Phil and Linda – good luck for the future, all!

Love Is In the Air - John Paul Young

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around
Love is in the air, every sight and every sound
And I don’t know if I’m being foolish
Don’t know if I’m being wise…