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Quick-Lock Cone Reflectors

Simple & sustainable roadworks delineation.

Tennants Quick-Lock Cone Reflectors

Improve Your Roadworks Visibility with Cone Mounted Amber Warning Reflectors

Our Quick-Lock Cone Reflectors are a modern addition to worksite delineation. Because they act as high-performance, cone mounted amber warning reflectors. And are designed for ease of transport and deployment, being so light & compact. Our creative Quick-Lock Socket attaches onto any traffic cone in seconds. Helping you quickly establish your entire roadside boundary, augmenting safety. In designated areas, use them alongside lamps for improved visibility.


150mm Disc with a high-performance RA3B film.


Durable frame is made from 100% recycled materials.


Pre-cut Socket is designed to grip onto Traffic Cone tops.


Weigh just 144g each and 100 stack to fit a small box.

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Cone Reflectors

Fast, Effective & Sustainable

Enhance your Streetwork safety with our prismatic Cone Reflectors. Add them to your delineation tool-kit and benefit from their simplicity & fast deployment. For they mount onto traffic cones in seconds, thanks to our Quick-Lock Socket. Yet are manufactured to resist the wind and buffeting from vehicles. And they’re fit and forget, requiring little to no maintenance.


Amber Reflectors

Comes With RA2 Amber Reflector


100% Tool Free

Quick-Lock Cone Reflectors are Tool-Free


Grips Cone Tops

Socket Fits Traffic Cones Tops


Recycled & Recyclable

A Recyclable & Sustainable Product
Our ENVIROPLATE Substrate for Signs & Products

Durable & Recyclable

In addition to performance, our reflectors also prioritize sustainability. Made from Enviroplate, the frame is resistant to bending out of shape from handling. And being a durable Copolymer, it withstands repeated use & on-site conditions.

But it’s not just durable, it’s also made from 100% recycled material. Which can be reclaimed at the end of its life, reground and reused. This circular sustainability reduces its environmental impact, improving any project’s ESG rating.

Specs Product Components

Prismatic Reflector

Our Reflectors use Oralite 6910 micro-prismatic film from Orafol, because of its high-performance RA3B retro-reflectivity. Which returns more light back to a vehicle than a warning sign or traffic cone sleeve. And the film comes with a life-cycle or durability of 12 years.

Durable Frame

The frame is made from Enviroplate, our own sign substrate, for its impressive durability and green credentials. That means it can withstand transport to site and regular handling without breaking. Yet is made from recycled materials that can be reclaimed and reused.

  • Material: Enviroplate – Polypropylene Copolymer
  • Unit Size: 150mm Wide / 175mm High / 115mm Depth
  • Weight: 144g per Unit
  • Safety: Deforms on Impact & Flattens if Driven Over
  • Sustainability: Uses Recycled & Reclaimable Materials

Quick-Lock Socket

Each unit comes with a pre-cut socket designed to fit a particular cone brand or size. And it’s intended to be fitted and removed by hand in just seconds. But still grips tight enough to resist buffeting from vehicles or the wind. For compliance and visibility, always mount face-upwards.

  • Features: Locking Aperture
  • Fitting: Manual – Push On
  • For: Traffic Cone Tops or Grips
  • Compatibility: Multiple Sockets Available
  • Safety: Tight Windproof Design

Downloads Sheets & Guides

For more details on this product, take a look at the PDF sheets, guides & pages below. Please note the PDF’s are reduced in size for the Web, larger high-quality versions are available.

Cone Reflectors - Video
Product Flyer (web)
Fitting Instructions (web)
Oralite 6910 Reflective
ENVIROPLATE - Specification

Expand Your Delineation Toolkit & Increase Worksite Safety

Upgrade your delineation toolkit with Quick-Lock Cone Reflectors and elevate your worksite visibility. Benefit from products that are reusable, durable and recyclable. And enhance roadwork’s safety while lowering your carbon footprint.




For more on our Quick-Lock Cone Reflectors, contact your account manager or get in touch. Contact us on 0115 9738088 or email Otherwise fill in the quick contact form above with your details.

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