Clean GoDex Print Head

This knowledge base article shows you how to properly clean your GoDex print head. Which helps solve many print issues when making number plates.

Clean GoDex Print Head

We recommend cleaning the print head regularly, while changing the ribbon for example. Always ensure the printer is turned off before carrying out any maintenance. To reduce any cross contamination, you should cover the area below the print unit with a clean cloth or sheet of paper while cleaning.

Dirt, grease and loose ink from ribbons can effect the print quality of your number plates. To clean it you’ll need to get to it, this means raising your print unit and removing the ribbon.

Lift Print Unit & Remove Ribbon

Open Up Your GoDex Printer

First you’ll need to lift up the print unit

Remove Your Printers Ribbon

And remove the ribbon to access the thermal print head

First, you will need to open up the top cover of your printer. The print unit containing the ribbon and winding core will also need to be raised up. To release the print unit push in the two blue levers and then lift it up, as in the image below.

Next remove the winding core out of the top cradle. Simply push the right hand sides spring down and lift up the left side. Carefully lower the ribbon onto your worktop, ensure you keep it uncreased. To reduce any cross contamination, you should cover the ribbon with a clean cloth or large sheet of paper.

Clean Your Print Head

The main print head area can be found on the bottom of the print unit. First, wipe off any foreign matter such as dust, dirt and adhesive substances from the print head with an alcohol swab by softly wiping from one side to the other. Then run your wipe or a head cleaning pen along the green strip at the front of the head.

Clean Your GoDex Print Head

The print head is the black strip on the circuit board

This process should loosen and remove any contamination from the print head. Now use your alcohol wipe across the other metal surfaces to remove any other build-up.

Refit Your Ribbon

Turn Cradle to Remove Slack

After cleaning, refit your ribbon & lower the print head

Once you’re happy your print head is clean, remove any protective cover you may have used. Now replace the winding core into the print unit, adjusting the blue knob to eliminate wrinkles.

Clean Main Printer Surfaces

Clean Your Media Tray Too

Don’t neglect the other surfaces on your printer

After the printhead, you should move on to the front platen and clean the media path. Wipe down the platen and you should remember to rotate the feed roller to give it a good clean. Finish off by cleaning any surfaces that come into contact with your components, like your media tray.

Need Help?

For more detailed instructions, try your GoDex printers user guide. Or if you need further assistance with your system contact our customer service team for help.