GoDex Printing Preferences

GoDex Printing Preferences

This knowledge base article shows you the GoDex Printing Preferences used for making number plates with our reflective. Use these settings as the default for your modified HD830i printer. Or select them when prompted to by our plates software. Click the images below to see them full size.

Printing Onto Reflective

Having the correct printer property settings is vital to your number plates legality. Because these settings not only set its default media source and method. But they also define the overall quality, speed and opacity of each print. So to ensure your number plates comply with British Standards, only use the settings we provide.

The images below show the settings used to print number plates onto our reflective. In brief, you should pay special attention to all the highlighted values. Use these values if using plain, lipped or pre-printed sheets of white and yellow reflective.

Tab 1: Page Setup

GoDex Printing Preferences - Page Setup

Page Setup tab settings

The first tab called Page Setup, sets the default printer orientation to landscape. So your registrations are printed correctly along the media’s length. And is the reason you load your components, short end first.

Tab 2: Graphics

GoDex - Graphics Settings

The Graphics tab preferences

Next up is the Graphic tab. Here you’ll find the basic settings used to define print resolution or dpi. As well as the dithering mode, which should be set to None. The color control defaults to Monochrome, since your machine prints in black only.

Tab 3: Stock

GoDex - Stock Settings

Stock tab

Then we come to the third tab called Stock. This section has the settings for your printers interaction with media. Typically used to detect labels, its been set instead for thermal transfer and to dispense on print. It’s just you’ll be printing on reflective components instead of labels.

Tab 3: Options

GoDex - Print Options

Defaults for the Options tab

Lastly we have the print Options settings. Here your printers speed and its darkness is configured. Which is all vital in ensuring a good solid print, all the way along your components length.

Need Help?

For more detailed instructions on printing preferences, try your user guide. Or if you need further assistance contact our customer service team for help.