Install GoDex Media Tray

Install GoDex Media Tray

This knowledge base article shows you how to install the GoDex media tray, used when printing on reflective sheets. The media tray will help feed your components into the machine straight, when printing number plates. Connected to the rear of the HD830i printer, it comes with side guides to align your sheets correctly.

Raise Top Cover & Print Head

Raise HD830i Top and Print Head

Lift up the print unit to access the mounting point

Before you can fit the tray, you’ll need clear access to the inside of the printer. So start by lifting up your printers top cover. And then raise the print head up out of the way too, using the buttons on either side. You may find it easier to remove your ribbon from the printer. For fastening your media guide a stand off is provided, in the middle of the bottom plate.

Install the Media Tray

Install GoDex Media Tray onto Your Printer

Slide the media tray into the rear

Once the top cover and print head is out of the way, you can install your GoDex media guide. As you can see on the picture above, it has two side guides with black knobs. So simply slide the guide into the rear of your printer, ensuring the knobs are accessible at the back.

Screw the Tray Into Place

Screw Media Tray Into Place

Screw it into the stand off

To help keep the guide secure and stable, the next step is to screw it in place. Only one screw is needed, positioned at the centre of the guide. If you can’t see the stand off to screw into, gently slide the guide back and forth. Since it is in the path your media will take, ensure you screw it fully down into place.

Set Up the Side Guides

Loosen Media Tray Guides

Loosen the side guides, just unscrew the knobs

Fasten Side Guides Around Component

Load a sheet and close the guides around it

Once you have installed your media guide, it’s time to set up the side guides. By using the guides you will ensure your components are fed squarely into the printer, Which results in better print results and avoids misaligned prints.

First you will need to loosen the guide claps, by unscrewing the black plastic knobs. Just loosen them slightly until you can slide the clamps in and out. Next we will need a sheet of plate media, so we can use it to set the clamps width.

Place your plate media on the guide and use your fingers to push the clamps around it. Not too tight, you are aiming to keep it in place but allow it to be fed through easily. Remember to finger tighten the knobs back up, so the side guide clamps don’t move.

Load Your Media


Tighten the knobs and you’re ready to print

Once the media clamps are in place and secured, push your media in, until the printer detects it. The printer will automatically grab the media and it will halt at the start position. Now you’re ready to print a number plate. Just like our other printers, load your media shortest side first or portrait orientation if you prefer.

Pre-Printed Media
We offer a range of services which include media pre-printed with company logos and side badges. When using these components you want to make sure they’re positioned correctly to avoid costly waste. For media with a pre-printed badge, you should place it so the badge is nearest the printer. And components with a bottom line, should be oriented to the left hand side.

Need Help?

For detailed instructions, try your GoDex printer user guide. Or for more help contact your account manager or our customer service team.