Number Plate Components

Our plate components are made from top quality materials and guaranteed to produce number plates that comply with standards.

Designed to Meet British Standards

A founding member of the BNMA, we have monitored number plate legislation for over 50 years. Our technicians work tirelessly researching and testing plate components in a state of the art laboratory, ensuring they meet the legal requirements set by the governing bodies.

A Perfect Match

All our components produce road legal number plates when matched and combined correctly. Specially made for number plates, they are designed to be used with our software, printers and assembly units.

Because it’s essential suppliers abide by the regulations, we work closely with the DVLA and inform our customers of any relevant legislation changes.

Training and Support

Our printing solutions include installation and training, teaching how to use our components correctly. We are working on an extensive knowledge base complete with guides and videos, to help keep clients productive.

The training and support we offer guarantees our customers can produce fully compliant number plates with ease.

Film and Plates

Printable film sheets with reflective plates

Our film technology works best with the Trade or Professional solutions, offering increased capability and colour options. Only their LED printers will have been configured to use it and still deliver the highest quality results. Printed film needs to be laminated with our reflective plates, which are manufactured by leading European manufacturers.

Reflective and Acrylic

Printable reflective sheets with acrylic faces

We use Oralite from Orafol to produce our reflective sheets, the high specification media is perfect for printing number plates. Supplying their reflective media guarantees legal compliance when used with our Thermal Printing Solutions. Combine it with our clear acrylic perspex for the most popular plate media system on the market.

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