Plate Components & Compliance

Our plate components are available in over a hundred sizes. Designed for our printing solutions, they are guaranteed to meet British Standards when combined correctly.

Make any Number Plate Size or Shape

We fabricate our plate components in-house from high quality material. In fact, our manufacturing capability allows us to produce a vast range of sizes. And so offers you a way to make a number plate for every vehicle on UK roads.

Our solutions provide a choice between printing onto reflective or film. The reflective is made from Oralite from Orafol, one of just 3 Brands proven to be compliant. While the clear film helps printer toner bond to it, thanks to a special coating by Folex. Yet both combine perfectly with our acrylic faces from Toennjes, a world leader in number plate components.

Match & Assemble Them Together

You have to Match and Join our components together to produce number plates. A Standard Number Plate needs a printed reflective laminating to a clear acrylic face. Hybrid Number Plates sandwich a film sheet between an acrylic face and reflective backing.

Tennants number plates are certified to show they pass both the regulations and standards. But this only covers our specific combinations, if you use anything else your plates won’t be legal.

Simply Compliant

Our plate components are just one part of our combined number plate solutions. Each piece needs using of course, to guarantee compliance with our certification. In short, you design your number plates using our software. Then print them out onto our blank number plate components. Finally you match and assemble all the parts together.

As it is essential to abide by all the rules and regulations, we work closely with the DVLA and the BNMA. Keeping clients up to date and checking they’re using our components correctly to make their number plates.

Interested in Our Number Plate Components?

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