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What, No Green Number Plates!

On your marks, get Ready, Steady, Stop!

Typical isn’t it, just when you’re finally ready, someone pulls the rug from under you. Just like the idea for green number plates, which would have showcased vehicles with zero emissions. And allowed local councils to offer incentives.

Ready Steady Stop - because Green Plates Wont be Happening

With green number plates for zero emission vehicles having been recently discussed in government. We were undertaking trials and testing. Readying ourselves for production in the blink of an eye. Only for the idea to not receive the Green Light. Move along, nothing to see here, not happening now folks.

Just goes to show, however, that whatever’s new in the number plate industry, we’ll be there at the cutting edge.

Update June 2020

But then again, green plates are back on the menu. Thanks to the UK Governments ability to waste time and money, dithering and taking U-turns. So get ready, steady….