Oralite 9910 Brilliant Grade Premium

Oralite 9910 Brilliant Grade Premium is UKCA certified to EN12899-1, Class R3C and provides the maximum level of reflectivity.

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Oralite 9910 Brilliant Grade Premium has been specially formulated for motorway signs and gantries, other high speed dual carriageways and areas identified as high risk. Its prismatic construction achieves the highest grade of reflectivity available to the traffic sign industry. So Oralite 9910 ensures directional and warning messages are clear and impactful, minimising the risk of accidents.

Features a 12 year outdoor service life and is available in 10 colours. This R3C prismatic reflective is top of the range with a fully compatible line of clear protective and anti-dew laminates.

Orafol Website: Oralite 9910 Brilliant Grade Premium – film details, data sheet, certificates & application instructions.

Oralite 9910 Specs

Brand: Oralite
Type: Retroreflective Film
Roll Widths: 610mm / 1235mm
Roll Length: 50 metre rolls
ST Colours: 0.370mm thick
FL Colours: 0.420mm thick

Material Details

  • Reflective Class: R3C – UKCA/CE Certified
  • Standard: EN 12899-1 / NHSS
  • Acrylic Film with Polypropylene Liner
  • Technology: Prismatic
  • Durability: 12 year life*
  • Colours: 7 Standard / 3 Fluorescent
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for Metallic Surfaces

Compatible Products

  • Digital Ink: 5019i (uv) / 5017 (eco)
  • Transparent Film Overlay: 5061
  • Anti-Dew Overlay: 5090
  • Anti-Graffiti Overlay: 5095
  • Screen Ink: 5018
  • Lettering Film: 5081

* Standard 12yrs / Flu 10yrs / Flu Orange 3yrs

Colours & Pattern

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Standard Colours
Fluorescent Colours
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