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For Part 2 of our 6 Part Series on Compliance, we provide a simple reference to the Number Plate Format.

We’re publishing a series of posts, in order to help guide you through the minefield which is number plate legality and compliance. And for the second article, we are looking at the legal registration mark format for number plates. As well as offering an interesting insight into how they’ve changed over the years.

The image above shows the current number plate format along with examples of historic marks. To begin with, the top plate shows the current format with its two letters, two numbers and three random digits. The first two letters indicate where, and the two numbers when a registration was first issued.

Next up, we show the historic formats from 2001 all the way back to the original 1 letter and 1 number. Typically each time a format was introduced, lawmakers underestimated demand. And the format had to be reversed in order to provide more capacity. For more details on number plate legislation, why don’t you check out our knowledge base.

Like we said before – You Can Trust Tennants.

Note: With the introduction of BSAU145e the regulations have been updated. To find out how this effects your supply, take a look at our What Makes A Legal Number Plate article.