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Pro Number Plate Systems

Any Size, Any Colour, Any Media

Our Pro Number Plate Systems are much more than the next evolution of number plate printing. We believe they offer a total solution to professional plate production, suitable for larger distribution hubs. Their powerful features place options into users hands that allow them to outshine their competition. The software suite included with these systems makes even complex designs seem simple.

Choose between film or reflective printing, either choice is more capable and productive than anything that's come before. Create legal, show and classic number plates in almost any size using a colour palette that includes white. Or supply safety signs using the huge array of templates provided or design your own.

Pro Number Plate Systems

This series provides a complete solution that produces oblong, 4 by 4, motorbike and a hundred other sizes of number plate. The reflective series prints designs in incredible high quality, directly onto white or yellow reflective. And the film series under-prints white first on clear film, so any colour printed after is vibrant and stands out.

Interested in Our Pro Number Plate Systems

Request a Demo and test drive our Pro Number Plate Systems for yourself. Viewed in person producing plate after plate, they're even more impressive then they sound. You can call number plates on 0115 9738080 or Email them with a request for more information, or just use the contact form at the bottom of the page and request a call back.

Quick Features

Our Pro number plate systems provide suppliers with a choice of plate media system, film or reflective printing. Film versions make number plates by printing directly onto film which is then combined with a rigid reflective. Reflective models make number plates by printing directly onto a reflective which is then combined with a clear acrylic. Either printing method uses just two pieces of blank plate media, producing quick and cheap number plates no matter which method is chosen.


The Pro series make number plates that are compliant for BSAU145d regulations


Utilises software that streamlines production, using positioning based on plate size


Elements are sized, spaced and automatically put into their compliant locations


Systems print using a full colour palette including white even on coloured media

Precise &

Designs and prints number plates that are accurate to just half a millimeter


Ultra high volume printer consumables mean even lower costs per plate


Makes classic silver on black number plates for compatible vehicle models


Includes design templates and their assets for multiple safety signs


Design freedom allows more complex designs, suitable for making show-room plates

Our Pro Number Plate Systems

Our Pro systems come with our software suite pre-installed on a laptop. The suite includes both LG Plates and LG Signs along with a document recording system for number plate entitlement information. Any power, network or USB printer cables are also provided. We include a sample pack of our plate and sign media to get users started. The star of the system is the modified graphics art printer, which comes with a bottom paper tray and cabinet with castor base. Purchasing this series from Tennants UK gets you a dedicated account manager, on-site installation and training with preferential customer support.

Pro Number Plate Printer

LG Software Bundle

User and Install Guides

USB Printer Cables

Sample Media Pack

Pro series printers are modified with settings designed to work with a specific media. For these settings to work they require a predictable toner mix. Using compatible toners stops our printer modifications from working correctly. Compatibles do not contain the same content as originals. They may not print at the required temperatures. And they may not print the full length of a number plate.

Pro Series Printers require genuine toner to make BSAU145D compliant plates.

LG Software Bundle

Legal Number Plates

LG Plates features pre-set templates with settings to cover number plate compliancy requirements for the UK.

Show & Classic Plates

LG Signs enables users to combine and manipulate multiple text fields or images to create show and classic plates.

Safety Signs

LG Signs also has a selection of safety sign designs and assets which are included during install.

Self Assembly Number Plates

Pro Number Plate Systems have been designed to use either our film or reflective media system. Both printing methods feature matched media pairings to ensure compliance for plate construction. Matched media compatible with this series comes in a variety of pack sizes and even as single sheets.

The film system makes number plates by printing designs directly onto clear film sheets, which are then combined with a rigid reflective plate. Reflective systems combine printed reflective sheets with rigid acrylic faces.


Our Pro Number Plate Systems

Pro Film Number Plate Printer

Pro Film Series

with LG Plates + LG Signs

The Pro Film Series print our number plate software designs onto film sheets, utilising white under-printing for solid, vibrant colours and true blacks. With firmware settings optimised for film these OKI Pro 9541 printers represent our high-volume and high quality number plate solution.

Pro Reflective Number Plate Printer

Pro Reflective Series

with LG Plates + LG Signs

Our Pro Reflective Series prints number plate designs onto reflective, their sharp, solid blacks can be enhanced with a brilliant palette of colours. With support for white and spot printing these OKI Pro 9542 printers provide a high definition, full colour number plate solution.

Also Available

Budget Series

The Budget series prints no-frills, road legal number plates using thermal technology in one size


Trade Series

Our trade series LED printers use all our plate sizes to make number plates with colour elements


Request A Demo

Interested in seeing our Pro systems in action. Book a demonstration of this number plate solution by email or just use the contact form below.

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