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Oralite Vehicle Chevron Kits

Ensure your vehicles comply with Chapter 8 and ECE104 with Oralite Vehicle Chevron Kits.

You know the legislation for vehicle chevron kits and their materials is a minefield. So for your peace of mind, make sure you get yours from a reputable supplier. That way, you can be sure that all your fleet is in full compliance with regulations. And you’ll help to improve your teams safety whenever they’re on site.

When you buy a kit check it’s the right grade of reflectivity, fluorescence and is edge sealed to avoid water ingress. And ensure you get micro-prismatic strips and tablets for the sides and doors.

As well as text blocks such as ‘HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE’ or ‘MOTORWAY MAINTENANCE’ if required. But with so many rules, how do you ensure you buy the right kits?

Don’t get caught out, trust the experts – Fleet ID

Our partner Fleet ID, offer Oralite Chevron Kits and Markings for highways and motorway maintenance vehicles. Their made-to-measure templates are designed to fit perfectly every time. Choose your kit from a massive range of models and types. Each one comes marked with a unique reference code, used to monitor quality and help you to re-order.

Note: Each Vehicle Chevron kit can take several working days to be made-up and dispatched. An order cannot be cancelled once it’s complete and payment has been taken. This restriction is because it’s a bespoke product, made on demand and with no-resell value. Check their website for delivery details.