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Calling all dealerships, part-stores & service centres; switch to Tennants Enviro-Plate lower your carbon footprint and expenditure costs. Our eco-friendly number plate is 90% recycled and costs 25% less than other manufacturers.

Eco Friendly Tennants Enviro-Plate

Enviro-Plate Benefits

Enviro-Plate is the most business-friendly number plate in the industry because it delivers both sustainability and expenditure savings. A circular product, it’s made using 90% recycled plastic and is recyclable at the end of its life. This results in a 50% cut to its carbon footprint and fewer number plates ending up in landfill.

In addition, Enviro-Plate provides savings on waste print & overall component costs since it uses printed film. Printing onto film is a low-cost and efficient alternative to reflective panels. In fact, by switching to Tennants & Enviro-Plate you can reduce your number plate expenditure* by 25% on average.

*Annual expenditure savings based on 2024 comparison data from a leading procurement platform.

To inquire about a trade account and Enviro-Plate pricing use the button below for our webpage. Or download our Enviro-Plate launch flyer.

Enviro-Plate WebpageEnviro-Plate Flyer