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It not all about product sales, profit forecasts and turnover here you know, for example Tennants measure growth in more ways than 1.
Tennants measure growth in more ways than 1

After another year of expansion for our company, new Tennants family member, Tom, celebrates his daughter, Gabriella’s 1st birthday with a custom made growth chart made by our lovely sign team. As any fan of funk music will tell you, it’s all about the 1.

Tom, our own new 1 is looking forward to the 1st birthday of his 1st born. So to show we’re all for 1 and 1 for all. Our 1 stop shop sign makers have knocked up a 1 of a kind growth chart for his little 1 and only. We hope you have many happy years ahead of you Tom, marking Gabriella’s progress, 1 mark at a time. But 1 word of caution; should you and Mrs. Brough 1 day decide to have 1 more baby, don’t expect another chart. This is a 1 time deal. 1 of a kind. A 1 off.

Okay, enough. Sorry every 1.