Compatible C650 Toners

This article explains why you shouldn’t use Compatible C650 Toners or Drums in your Trade Colour printer, no matter how cheap they are or what their makers claim.

Forget C650 Compatible Toners Use Original Only

Forget C650 Compatible Toners Use Original Only

We know replacing the toners and image drums in your number plate printer can be a costly expense. It is very temping to try non-genuine toners in the machine due to the large savings they offer. Plus, many generic toners appear to perform just as well as the manufacturers versions, especially when using plain paper.

Number Plate Standards

Number plate print issues poor colours

A Print with Faded Colours

But you are producing number plates and not printing on paper. The number plates you make have to meet exacting specifications and standards required by law. Compatible toners especially refills, can very quickly contaminate the printer, causing print issues and a loss of image quality. And don’t forget that toner is fed into the drums, possibly contaminating them too. Our own tests support this, showing a distinct reduction in quality and durability.

British Standard Certified

Anything that alters the specification of your number plates may effect their legality. We test and pass certification for number plates that have been made with our components and genuine toners. On the other hand, we don’t have a certification for plates made with compatible toners. So they will not be legal or covered by our certification. In addition, for those interested in sustainability, OKI run a recycling scheme for their used toners and components.

Remember, if you’re printing road legal number plates – use Genuine OKI Toners.

Replacement OKI C650 Toners

To ensure your number plates are compliant only use genuine toner cartridges. You can buy genuine C650 Toners and Drums from the online shop. They are guaranteed to fit your OKI C650 printer and make legal number plates. A trade and shop account is required for online purchases.