Replace a C650 Fuser Unit

Replace a C650 Fuser Unit

This knowledge base article shows you how to Replace a C650 Fuser Unit, but ensure your replacement is genuine for compliancy reasons. Instructions that follow assume you are directly facing the front of the machine.

Your OKI C650 printer will let you know when it is time to replace the fuser unit. First you’ll see warning messages on the display screen found on the operator panel, warning it is approaching its end of life. This is when you need to order a replacement if you don’t have one. The message will change and prompt you to replace it once it has reach its end of life, it may even stop printing.

Unlock Used Fuser Unit

Unlock the C650 Fuser Unit

Unlock the Fuser Unit Arms

Before you can install a new fuser unit, you’ll have to remove the used one. Your C650 printers fuser unit is located on top of the unit, right behind the output tray. Because the fuser gets hot during operation, we recommend you allow it to cool before handling.

Remove Used Fuser Unit

Remove Used C650 Fuser

Lift Out the Used Fuser Unit

To remove the fuser, first unlock it by lifting up the two blue handles located on its sides – as shown on the image above. Just flip both handles up until they click. Now using the two blue handles, lift it straight up & out of your printer. Simply place it aside for later disposal or recycling.

Install New Fuser Unit

Replace A C650 Fuser Unit

Replace the Fuser Unit and lock It Into Place

Next remove the packaging from your replacement unit. Take care not to touch the rollers on its bottom and don’t expose it to light for more than 5 minutes. Remember to lift it up using its blue handles too.

To install, carefully lower it into the printer, using the blue handles. For orientation sake, ensure the warning label is facing you as in the image above. Once it’s in position, lock it in place by pushing both handles down until they click. Your printer will now start to detect the new fuser.

Need Help or a OKI C650 Fuser Unit?

You can buy a genuine C650 Fuser Unit from the our NP-Shop. They are guaranteed to fit your OKI C650 printer and are approved for making number plates. A trade and shop account is required however for online purchases.

For more detailed instructions, try your printers onscreen help. Or take a look or your number plate systems user guide.