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Oralite 9910 Overview from Tennants UK

This Oralite 9910 Overview introduces a specialist reflective film and includes details on its usage & notable highlights. Oralite 9910 Brilliant Grade Premium is a high-tier reflective film for permanent traffic sign manufacturers. Highly retroreflective Oralite 9910 is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the traffic control industry. Making it a top-of-the-range traffic sign solution, perfect for high-speed applications where visibility matters most.

Oralite 9910 Overview

Prismatic RA3C Reflective: Oralite 9910 meets the R3C classification, delivering maximum Retroreflectivity
12-Year Working Life: With 12-year durability, Oralite 9910 provides long-term visibility & performance
UKCA & EN12899-1 Certified: Oralite 9910 is accredited for exterior, vertically mounted traffic signs
10 Highways Colours: 7 standard & 3 fluorescent colours meet diverse workflow and regulatory requirements
Digitally Printable: This UV-stabilised acrylic front film is compatible with digital printing
Traffic Printer Compatible: Oralite 9910 is compatible with Oralite UV & ECO Traffic Printers
Specialist Overlay Films: Dew, graffiti & sticker resistant overlay films ensure long-term efficacy
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive: Permanent solvent adhesive specially formulated for metallic surfaces
Patterned Film: Distinct shape of the sealing pattern identifies the manufacturer & machine direction

Film Benefits

Oralite 9910 from Orafol provides multiple benefits to our nation’s permanent traffic sign manufacturers. The main advantage is being a compliant R3C solution, the recognised standard for motorway & gantry signs. Digitally printable on Oralite Traffic Printers with colour profiles and specialist inks. A full range of protective laminates enhances Oralite 9910 performance and durability against weathering.


The UK’s top permanent sign manufacturers utilise Oralite 9910 for traffic signs on high-speed carriageways & motorways. This high-specification RA3C prismatic reflective ensures that road signs are quickly seen, regardless of the driver’s viewing angle. Orafol’s reflective sheeting range comes in performance tiers from RA1 up to Oralite 9910 Brilliant Grade Premium, forming an extensive traffic film ecosystem.

For more information on Oralite 9910 or trading terms, get in touch. Switch to Oralite 9910 Reflective now and achieve maximum visibility levels for your permanent traffic signs.