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Tennants announce a product rebrand of DURAPLATE, our temporary traffic sign substrate, to ENVIROPLATE.

Since launching our new substrate for traffic management sign panels last year, our appreciation of just how good, both with regards to performance and the environment this product actually is, has led our marketing gurus to re-brand with the emphasis on its green credentials.

So, welcome EnviroPlate, 100% recyclable, manufactured from 100% re-ground materials. And still the toughest, best value substrate on the market, don’t worry it’s still as durable as ever. In fact, it turns out the only thing that wasn’t durable about it was it’s name. Now available in 4mm and 5mm thicknesses and in stock, so order now.

So; not as controversial as when Prince changed his name to Prince-Symbol but worthy of note, we thought.

EnviroPlate - PDF FlyerEnviroPlate - YouTube