Clean C532 LED Heads

Clean C532 LED Heads

This knowledge base article shows you how to Clean C532 LED Heads in your OKI printer, vital when having print issues with your components. We also recommend cleaning the LED Heads regularly, for example while replacing toner cartridges or after printing 500 plates. The instructions below assume you are directly facing the front of the machine.

Always ensure the printer is turned off before carrying out any cleaning. To reduce any cross contamination, cover the exposed toner and drum cartridges with a clean cloth or large sheet of paper.

Open Printers Top Cover

Wipe the C532 LED heads

Open the top cover to reveal the LED Heads

Dirt, grease and loose toner can contaminate your C532 LED heads and effect the print quality of your number plates. To clean them you’ll need to get to them, so first press the button on top left of the printer and lift up the top cover so it’s fully open. Do not allow any bright light to shine onto the heads, which you will find mounted on the inside of the top cover (A,B,C,D).

Clean LED Heads

Start with the top array (A), and softly wipe from one side to the other with a soft, lint free cloth. Do not use alcohol or any cleaning agent as these may cause damage. And by starting at the top, any debris you dislodge will not contaminate a clean head.

Once that one is clean move down to the next one and wipe that one. Repeat the process with each head and clear away any grime. If you have some, a can of compressed air is great at blowing away any dirt particles. Once you’ve finished, remove your protective cover and close the top lid of the printer.

Wipe the C532 heads from side to side

Wipe across each head to clean it

Having Trouble? – Check Conditions

If you’re having to clean your printer heads a lot, you may be using the machine in less than optimal conditions. Remember this number plate printer requires a warm, dry and dust free environment, like an office. Store your components in a similar location and keep them in their packaging until required. And using compatible toners can clog up the printing unit and feed rollers more often than genuine ones will.

For more detailed instructions, try your user guide. Or if you need further assistance contact our customer service team for help.