Install C532 Feeder Tray

Install C532 Feeder Tray

This knowledge base article shows you how to install a C532 feeder tray, used when loading film or reflective sheets for printing. The extended tray will hold and help feed your long components into the front multipurpose tray when printing number plates. It also comes with information printed onto it about which position to load components and our quick contact details.

Instructions that follow assume you are directly facing the front of the machine.

Remove the Existing Tray

Remove OKI C532 paper tray

Remove the spare paper tray before you install the feeder tray

Before you install the feeder tray you will have to remove the existing paper feeder tray (A) from the multi-purpose tray. First, use the top notch and open up the printers front tray. Take hold of each side of the second tray down, the top tray has sliding media guides you’ll need, and gently push the sides down. Now bow the centre upwards, this will enable you to simply slide the tray forwards, out of its housing slots.

To remove a feeder tray for replacement, simply bow both its sides downwards and then pull it out. Our feeder trays are designed to fit into the tray housing slots.

Install C532 Feeder Tray

Install C532 Feeder Tray for Components

Slot your feeder tray into place

Position the feeder tray with the printed side facing upwards and the cut out slots towards the printer. Gently bend the sides downwards, bowing the centre up and push the tray home into the housing slots left by the removed paper tray. Make sure you push the tray all the way into the housing slots to finish installing it.

The tray works exactly the same as a native tray, by using gravity to help slide components down towards the rollers which pull them into the printing mechanism.

Load Your Plate Media

How to load C532 film components

Load plate media onto the tray

Now the feeder tray is installed, you’re ready to load plate components onto it. To use, simply place your sheets onto the tray and butt them right up to the printer. But ensure you place it with the side you wish to print on facing upwards. If you have badged media, orientate it with the flags situated furthest away from the printer. And use the sliding guides on the top tray to help secure your media into place.

Our knowledge base has C532 articles guides on loading film and reflective for printing number plates.

Need Help or a Replacement Feeder Tray?

When we install your number plate printer, you also receive a feeder tray. For a replacement C532 Feeder Tray, try the Tennants NP-Shop, a shop account is required for online purchases. Designed and built to fit the OKI C532 printer, it will simply slot right into the multi-purpose housing.

For more detailed instructions, try your systems user guide. Or if you need further assistance with your number plates contact our customer service team for help.