Load C532 Reflective Media

Load C532 Reflective Media

This knowledge base article shows you how to properly load C532 Reflective components when printing number plates. Included is the positioning that should be used for sheets with pre-printed bottom lines and side badges. Instructions below assume you are directly facing the front of the machine.

Always stack the sheets together, so the edges align and then butt them right up against the printer. Sheets should be placed with their reflective side facing upwards. Orientate them so the shortest sides are nearest the machine, with the longer lengths leading away. Reflective number plates are printed using the front multipurpose tray and emerge at the rear of the machine, so the rear output tray needs to be open.

Plain Reflective Sheets

See how to Load C532 reflective media components on the printer

Place your sheets reflective face up

We recommend you use the extended feeder tray with the OKI C532 printer and plate components. Simply load your single or stack of sheets onto the tray, with the guides helping to hold them. Don’t forget to stack them, with the reflective side facing up.

Pre-Printed Reflective – Flags & Logo’s

How to Load C532 with pre-printed reflective components

Position your pre-printed media like this

To help you make colour Number Plates, we offer a range of services which include media pre-printed with company logos and side badges. When using these components you want to make sure they’re positioned correctly for best results and to avoid costly waste.

Components with a Pre-Printed Badge or Flag should be placed so the badge is furthest away from the printer. You should also do this for components printed with the Electric Vehicle green flash. And reflective with a Printed Bottom Line oriented to the right as you face the front of the printer. Ensure the side you intend to print on is facing up.

Non-Oblong Sizes

Image showing how to Load C532 with 11x8 reflective sheet

The short side goes towards the printer

Load other sizes as you would normal oblong sheets, ensuring the shortest sides go closest to the printer. Pre-printed media should be oriented as shown in the section above.

Need Help or Plate Media?

For more instructions, try your printers user guide. If you need further assistance with your number plates contact our customer service team for help. Whether you make Film or Reflective Plates, you can buy matched plate media from our NP-Shop. Buy don’t forget a shop account is required for online purchases.