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For all Highways based companies seeking a modern temporary sign solution, the weight is now finally over. Introducing the QUICK-LOCK Post & Sign System, a lighter way to mount & display your signs on site.

Our latest innovation reduces the deployment time & weight of your Streetworks signs by switching steel frames and sandbags, to a slotted Quick-Lock Post and weighted base plate. Utilising Enviroplate to provide a more durable sign plate which you simply lock into place, creates a fully recyclable and stackable system for ease of transport.

This solution is set to offer an alternative to the traditional metal quick-fit frame, meaning no more burst sandbags or bent and rusted frames. Instead you get more visible, vertical signs that are easy to deploy and a weight reduction that delivers huge savings on labour and fuel costs.

For example, each assembled unit is 9kg lighter than a similar steel frame & 2 sandbags which equates to 270kg weight saving per van when loaded with a full scheme. You’ll still get a minimum 19kg of guaranteed ballast though, so sandbags are a thing of the past and the life expectancy of the base plate is years, not months.

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Quick-Lock Post & Sign System

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