Add Coach Line

When building a number plate or setting up a new template in our LG Plates software, you may wish to Add Coach Line to the design. This knowledge base article provides a simple guide on how to do this in easy to follow steps.

To design a number plate just make your way through the plates builder, setting up each element before saving it or printing it out.

The Plates Builder

The Plates Builder houses all the options and controls needed to design number plates. This includes those used to Add a Coach Line. The options for setting up a coach line are below those for the tag line. The picture below indicates the position of these options.
Options to Add Coach Line

Add Coach Line & Pick Colour

Pick a Coach Line colour
To insert a coach line, first select the tick box and then click the colour box to reveal the palette tools. You can use the pre-set range or create your own colour. By clicking the Define Custom Colours button, the palette is expanded with a selector and RGB fields. Use these tools to create a custom colour which can be added to the basic palette for future use.

Select or create a colour and press the OK button when satisfied. The line should now change from black to match your chosen colour.

Set Centre Gap

Set the Coach Line gap
The new line will have a Gap in the middle by default. This gap is for your tag line or bottom line logo. But after you have set them up, you should reduce its size to match. Enter a new number or use the arrows to alter the existing figure. While making your changes the preview window will adjust in real time to reflect them.

Then when you’re happy, move to setting up the next design element.

Standards & Regulations

BS Number gap
The line is inserted into a design with two gaps. One for your Logo or Tag Line and one for the legally required BS Number. Gaps are provided so they don’t interfere with the readability of the registration number or supplier info.