Choose Plate Size

One of the first things you’ll need to do in LG Plates when building a number plate or setting up a template is to choose a plate size. This article provides a simple guide on how to to this.

To design a number plate just make your way through the plate builder, setting up each element before saving it or printing it out.

Start LG Plates & Choose Plate Size

Start up LG Plates and wait until it has loaded up onto your desktop. Select the Plates builder tab, if it’s not already active. Next, click the drop down next to the Size icon, a ruler. The drop down is populated with common legal number plate sizes. Simply cycle down the list until you see the size you’re after and then Select it.
LG Plates choose plate size
The plate preview window will automatically change appearance to represent the new size. This includes changing the registration number if present, to multiple lines and altering the font size. Plate elements may become available or be greyed out based on the size selected. For example: the Lip Image options only becomes active when a lipped size has been chosen.

Then when you’re happy, move to setting up the next design element.

Layout & Validation

Changing size will load the layout settings for that particular plate size. That is what changes the reg number to multiple lines and controls the layout, ensuring compliance.

LG Plates also includes checks on the Validation of Registrations. The software will ensure any entered registration meets a recognised format and adds spacing if needed. Incorrect numbers will be identified, and an alert message pops-up when trying to print them.