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Traffic Cones

from Tennants

We stock a wide range of traffic cones and accessories all sourced from the highest quality manufacturers, who also recycle at the end of their cones life.

Contact highway equipment and signs direct for more details or if you wish to place an order, get in touch using the contact form below or call sales direct on 0115 9738088

Below you can find a selection of information on our traffic cones from specifications to direct comparisons. Plus a range of accessories including traffic cone replacement sleeves and bases.

A Selection of Traffic Cones

Cone Features

Current Traffic Cones

2 Piece Cones

Tennants 1m two piece heavy duty traffic cones meet BS and EN regulations. They are ideal for use in heavy traffic areas such as motorways, contraflows and lane delineation. The base is detachable in the event of a collision.

These cones are designed with a tough composite base and come complete with hand grips for ease of handling.

1 Piece Cones

Our brightly coloured 1 piece cones are thermoplastic manufactured and are compression moulded to withstand wide temperature ranges. Their unique flat mat system provides extra stability and prevents carriageway creeping.

Fitted with class R1 reflective sleeves to meet BSEN13422 our 1 piece cones are inter-stackable with other leading cones.

Warning Cones

Warning cones are available in various designs and sizes to meet the needs of the police, local authorities and others. Tough polymers for high impact strength and a modern pigment system is used to enhance their colour and thus visibility.

The MK4 triangular cone is of a 2 part design with 100% recycled pvc base.
The Dominator™ and Roadhog™ No Waiting Cones are yellow versions of the standard.

Cone Accessories

We offer a range of traffic cone accessories, from replacement bases and sleeves to delineator ropes and concrete fixings.


Keep your cone stock up to scratch, replace your faded and dirty sleeves or damaged bases. We stock asphalt or concrete bolts and fixings.

Glo Posts

These Glo Posts are blow moulded from UV stabilised low density polyethylene. The specific twist-lock designed base suits either permanent metal cats eye sockets or temporary base.

Glo Post Types

These posts are fitted with a BS873: Part 6 Des 2 sleeve suitable for use with UniBase.

Road Studs

The use of road studs can provide crucial guidance when other road markings are obliterated.
We can supply an array of road studs, with different reflective combinations, colours and types for alternate road surfaces.

Contact us for more information on the studs that we can offer.

Spray Cans

Most roadside jobs will require some form of spray, we have an array available to take away immediately.


Please contact us for more information on the accessories we supply.

Highway Equipment Brochure

The traffic management and highway equipment brochure contains an ordering guide and lists our current highway product range

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