CLS700 Print Issues

CLS700 Print Issues

This knowledge base article shows you the common CLS700 print issues found when making number plates and how to fix them. The exaggerated images shown below are meant to represent print problems clearly to help illustrate each issue. Remember most issues are caused by using the wrong settings or not following our recommended conditions for the printer and components. We also recommend you clean the print head regularly, while changing the ribbon or before a production run.


CLS700 Print Issues Underburn
Underburn is when a number plate print has faded leading edges. This problem is more obvious on characters towards the end of the oblong component.

  • Cause: Insufficient heat from the thermal head when printing. Ambient temperature is below the recommended levels.
  • Resolution: Increase the print heat settings until the issue clears up. Heat up or re-locate the plate production area to a warmer place.


CLS700 Overburn
Overburn is when a number plate print has faded or smudged trailing edges with crescent shaped nicks or cuts. Some printed digits or areas can also appear slightly blurred or out of focus.

  • Cause: Excessive heat from the thermal head when printing. Temperature is set above recommended levels or insufficient cooling of the plate production area.
  • Resolution: Lower the heat settings until the issue clears. Check and clean the print head of any contamination. Re-locate the plate production area to a cooler place or provide better ventilation.


CLS700 Spotted Prints
Spotted number plates normally occur because of dusty or damp components, resulting in speckled or dotted areas. Remember, some occasional spots is perfectly normal when thermal printing.

  • Cause: Contamination of media components, usually from dust, grease or condensation.
  • Resolution: Ensure you media and production environment is dry, clean and dust free. Always keep media components in their packets until it’s time to use them. Wipe down reflective media before installing it into the printer.


CLS700 Print Banding
Banding or horizontal lines on your prints usually occurs because the media or printer is contaminated with dirt, grease or excess ribbon ink.

  • Cause: Dirty, dusty or greasy media components. Print head is contaminated with dirt or old ink.
  • Resolution: Clean the print head and test print until the issue clears. Check the media components and work environment is clean. Double check your printer settings.

Angled Lines

CLS700 Angled Lines
Angled lines occur when the printer ribbon is creased or wrinkled. This usually occurs when the ribbons have just been replaced or if the printer has been recently moved or knocked.

  • Cause: Creased or wrinkled ribbon. A loose ribbon or winding core on the print unit.
  • Resolution: Remove any wrinkles from the ribbon by using the blue knobs on the holders. Turn the both ribbon and winding core until the wrinkles disappear.

Misaligned Prints

CLS700 Misaligned prints
When the media is incorrectly loaded, common CLS700 print issues like misaligned prints occur. The effect can be seen best when a number plate design isn’t printed centrally onto the reflective.

  • Cause: Components loaded wrongly. Media guides incorrectly positioned. Or using the wrong media alignment control settings.
  • Resolution: Check the guides for feeding the media are correctly positioned, they should be placed just either side of the reflective panel. Ensure your rolls are fitted correctly with one side sitting flush against the media arm.

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