CLS700 Print Issues

CLS700 Print Issues

This knowledge base article shows you common CLS700 Print Issues when making number plates using our reflective, with simple and easy fixes. The exaggerated images below are meant to represent print problems clearly to help illustrate each issue. And are only really relevant to printing number plates.

Remember most issues are usually caused by not following our recommended conditions for the printer and media. And we recommend you clean the print head regularly, while changing the ribbon or before a production run.


CLS700 Print Issues Underburn

Missing & faded areas are caused by Underburn

Underburn occurs when number plate prints have faded leading edges. This problem may be more obvious towards the end of your media components.

  • Cause: Insufficient heat from the thermal head when printing. Temperature is below recommended levels.
  • Resolution: Increase heat settings until the issue is cleared or re-locate the production area to a warmer place.


CLS700 Overburn

High temperatures cause Overburn and smudged prints

Overburn is when a number plate print has faded, smudged trailing edges and crescent shaped nicks or cuts. Printed areas can also appear slightly smudged or blurred.

  • Cause: Excessive heat in the thermal print head when printing. Temperature is above recommended levels or has insufficient cooling.
  • Resolution: Reduce the heat settings until issue is cleared. Check and clean the print head. Re-locate the production area to a cooler place or provide better ventilation.


CLS700 Spotted Prints

Dirt & Dust can cause spots

Spotted number plate prints occur because of dusty or damp components, which results in speckled or dotted areas. Remember, one or two spots are normal with thermal printing.

  • Cause: Contamination of media, usually from dust or condensation.
  • Resolution: Ensure media and production environment is dry, clean and dust free. Keep media in their packets and wipe them before use.


CLS700 Print Banding

A line across a print

Banding or horizontal lines on your prints usually occurs because of media or printer contamination from dirt, grease or excess ribbon ink.

  • Cause: Dirty, dusty or greasy media components. Print head being contaminated with dirt or ink.
  • Resolution: Clean the print head and test print until the issue clears. Always check media components and work environments are clean, double check your printer settings.

Angled Lines

CLS700 Angled Lines

Wrinkled ribbons & tight guides can cause lines too

Angled lines on a print occur when the CL-S700 printer ribbon is sitting creased or wrinkled. This issue usually occurs when a ribbon has just been replaced or the printer recently moved or knocked. Another reason for lines is an overly tight media guide on your printer. Without enough room your components may bend & flex while being fed through the printer.

  • Cause: Creased, loose or wrinkled ribbon. Loose ribbon or winding core on print unit.
  • Resolution: Remove wrinkles from the ribbon using the blue knobs of the holders. Check the ribbon alignment, ensure the adjusters are in the correct positions.
  • Cause: An overly tight media guide can cause your reflective to bend during operation.
  • Resolution: Move the media guide so it is 1-2mm wider than your plate components.

Misaligned Prints

CLS700 Misaligned prints

Check your media guides to avoid misaligned printing

Number plates with a misaligned print occurs when the print unit or media is incorrectly setup. So check you’re loading your components correctly and review the printers setup.

  • Cause: Components loaded wrongly. Media guides incorrectly positioned. Or using the wrong media alignment control settings.
  • Resolution: Check sliding guides under head unit are correct and ensure your rolls are fitted correctly. The ribbon needs to be wrinkle free and setup right.

Need Help?

For detailed instructions, try your number plate system’s user guide. Or for help with your plate media contact our customer service team.  And remember, you can order Cleaning Pens or Alcohol Swabs from our online NP-Shop.