CLS700 Control Panel

This knowledge base article shows the CLS700 control panel and highlights its layout, functions and buttons. It’s location is on the printers front, as shown below or on this overview article.  For further information on individual features or operational instructions, consult the user guide or the manufacturers website.

Control Panel Location

CLS700 Control Panel located at the front

CLS700 Control Panel

CLS700 Control panel layout

  • A: LCD Display – Shows printer status and settings
  • B: Power LED – Lights up Green when on
  • C: Error LED – Lights or flashes Red to indicate an issue
  • D: Feed Key – Moves media into the start position or next mark
  • E: Pause Key – Pauses current print job
  • F: Stop Key – Stops printing or cancels the alarm
  • G: Menu Key – Enters printer configuration menu

Alarms & Errors

When a problem is detected by the printer the control panel will sound an alarm and the error LED will either light up or flash to indicate what type of error it is. Alarms can be silenced by pressing the stop button. For information on common issues how how to troubleshoot them check out our CLS700 Printer Errors article.

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